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Dave Lennox

LUFTHALLE - Dave Lennox

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*** REVIEWS ***
Zeitgeist - December 2006

Dave Lennox is a classically trained keyboard player with a wealth of jazz and rock experience, having worked with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Herbie Hancock, Ginger Baker and Blodwyn Pig amongst others. We won't mention Alvin Stardust, but now he has his own 100 percent solo album to do.

And it is all his own work as he writes, performs and produces the whole shebang. The shebang in question turns out to be seventies instrumental jazz fusion, something I'm rather partial to. At it's best it conjures up the Jan Hammer Group, especially on my favourite, 'Clear Air Turbulence' (no relation).

Sometimes the programmed percussion irritates, as it is one of my pet peeves, but you have to admire someone who can envision the 21 minute title track, and bring its progressive delights to fruition.

S A Hamilton - Zeitgeist

Al Taft - Blues Matters - Dec 2006

Keyboard player who has an impressive list of ex-employers and collaborators but when I tell you he's worked with Herbie Hancock and written theme music for the R.TE music show "Like Now" you can put those two together and get a fair idea of whafs coming at you for the next hour. The CD is split into seven tracks, something of a concept album, with track names such as 'Baggage Claim' or 'Foxtrot Oacari or even 'Clear Air Turbulence' and 'Hi In The Red Eye'.. don't know where that one fits in the scheme of things. Opens up with 'Flight Level' a piece straight out of the Level 42 songbook though this is a wholly instrumental album. The title track 'Lufthalle' does have some vaguely airport sounds and maybe the sound of an old Fokker before ascending to the clouds for a whopping twenty one minutes of moog madness. Drum machines and other keyboardy technology abound. Don't know what ifs about but I think thafs a proper guitar in the middle of the 'Lufthalle'
(No It's Dave on keyboards - Webmaster).
Dave plays all the instruments himself as well as taking production and engineering credits. A return to '70s sounds and concepts.

Al Taft

Ian McKenzie – Blues in the South - Oct 2006

Dave Lennox is an Irish born keyboards man who has worked with many leading jazz musicians leg., Herbie Hancock), rock and blues people (eg., Al Green, Jay Owens) and popsters (eg., Alvin Stardust, Slade and
Dave Berry). This is not remotely blues, although one can detect some blues influence in some of the chord structures. No, this is jazzy mood-music, intending to produce musical images of things aeronautical. If my 'babel fish' has translated it correctly, Lufthalle is German for Air Hall lie., an airport terminal building) and all the track titles, including the 21 minutes long 'Lufthalle' itself, aim to conjure mind-images of flight and flying. Interestingly, in the title piece one can clearly detect lhsh sounds and rhythms. Frankly it's lovely stuff: really like it. I've got a
feeling this is gonna be in my CD box next time I fly.

Ian McKenzie – Blues in the South -

Norman Darwen - PipeLine Instrumental Review - December 2006

Dave is a keyboard player whose experience ranges from Dave Berry and Slade to Herbie Hancock and drummer Ginger Baker. This set is a concept album based around air travel with Dave writing all the tracks and playing all the instruments. Much of the music seems to proceed from a jazz-fusion base, though there are elements of rock and mood music: not the kind of thing one hears too much of these days.

I admit that having recently visited the Concorde Exhibition in Scotland this music made a lot of sense to me, it is the perfect soundtrack for such an event.

Norman Darwen - PipeLine

John Taylor - Blues in Britain - December 2006

The debut recording from London Irish keyboard player Dave Lennox is somewhat of a departure for the label with the motto the very best in British Blues'. Seven instrumental compositions, all with air travel themes, are performed on a variety of electronic keyboards with drum programming. It certainly maintains noterecords' quality.

Jon Taylor