Photos by Blake Powell

Nick Newall / Alan Barnes /  Zoot Money / Clare Hirst / John O'Reilley /Jim Mercer / Earl Green / Roland Chadwick /
Howard Dean Johnson / Nigel Price / Pete Whittaker / Val Cowell / Paul Cox / Roger Cotton / Peter Miles / Steve Rubie /
T Bone Taylor / Shakey Vic / Chris Youlden / Tim Hain / -
Thank You All !

Wow!   What a night - the best yet.

The cream of the British Jazz and Blues gathered at the 606 Club, Lots Road Chelsea to celebrate the launch of the Barcodes CD “With Friends Like These”.

The evening kicked of with a solo performance from blues/soul singer Howard Dean Johnson.

The Barcodes took the stage and invited their friends to join them. The evening got off a swinging start with Alan Barnes and his wife Clare Hirst. It would be unfair to pick out any friend, as everyone gave standout performances.

Thanks to Steve Rubie and all at the 606 for making this night very special.

Bob Haddrell
Dino Coccia - Alan Barnes - Clare Hirst - Alan Glen
Dino Coccia & Alan Glen
Bob - Nigel Price - Alan Barnes - Clare Hirst - Alan Glen - Dino Coccia
Howard Dean Johnson
Shakey Vic
Alan Glen & Pete Miles
Bob - Nick Newall - Nigel Price - Alan Barnes - Alan Glen
Nigel Price - Zoot Money - Alan Barnes - Alan Glen - Nick Newall
Roland Chadwick & Alan Glen
Nigel Price - Dino - Earl Green - Alan Barnes - Clare Hirst - Alan Glen
Alan Barnes - Clare Hirst (Mr & Mrs Alan Barnes)
Nigel Price
Roger Cotton - Chris Youlden - John O'Reilley - Shakey Vic - Jim Mercer - T Bone Taylor -
Roger Cotton - Steve Rubie - Tim Hain - Bob Haddrell - Pete Miles - Alan Glen - Jim Mercer
John O'Reilley - Dino - Pete Whittaker - Jim Mercer
Val Cowell - Pete Miles - Bob Haddrell - Jim Mercer - Paul Cox - Alan Glen
Val Cowell
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Alan Barnes, Clare Hirst & the Barcodes

The Barcodes Album Launch Gig – Blues In Britain

 606 Club, Lots Road London SW1O - 27/11/06

 The 606. a members jazz club, is much frequented by musicians and this night was no exception. It was packed by 9pm when solo acoustic artist Howard Dean Johnson started the evening's entertainment. I was stuck in the bar, with the Victors, Paul Gray, the promoter, with his party from Painswick and two girls from Iceland, no tables being available in the music area. We could hear him but not see him.

The Barcodes, keyboards player Bob Haddrell, guitarist and harmonica player Alan Glen and drummer Dino Coccia took the stage at 9.30 and were joined by some of the many friends who guest on their superb new CD, With Friends Like These. The list was endless: Glare Hirst, Alan Barnes, Nick Newall on saxes, Zoot Money on keyboards and vocals, vocalists Paul Cox and Val Cowell, Shakey Vick, Chris Youlden, and young guitarist Nigel Price, standing in for Jim Mullen. I also saw Note Records artists Tim Ham and Richie Milton in the throng.

 These friends were so numerous that when Earl Green got up to sing, at 1030pm, they were running 45 minutes late already. Earl was looking great and in fine voice. Roland Chadwick told me he had been re-scheduled to 15 minutes later than originally planned but I suspect it was much later when he finally got on stage. He said he had a fifteen-minute slot with twenty-five minutes of material to play.

 I left, around eleven, when Zoot Money was in full swing. After classical numbers from Roland Chadwick, The Incredible Blues Puppies came on. This line-up has Alan Glen on vocals, guitar and harmonica, John O'Reilly on vocals and guitar, Jim Mercer on vocals and bass and Dino Coccia on drums. Harmonica man Shaky Vick and vocalist Chris Youldon got up with our own Jon Taylor on guitar. After that, the plan was to have a second set with The Barcodes and friends, ending at midnight.

They were probably playing all night so many great artists, so little time.

 Fran Leslie